Friday, 11 April 2008

Budget Airlines...

Well, I'm back from Morocco - awesome time over there trekking in the High Atlas Mountains, White Water Rafting down the Ahannsel River and then spending some time chilling in the Erg Chebbi desert - all good stuff only to be spoiled by an awful flight back with easyJet... It was late departing and arriving, arrived at the wrong terminal and they also ran out of the food they charge extortionate prices for on board. Very unimpressed. They haven't responded to my first letter to them, perhaps they'll respond to my second, but I won't hold my breath.

So, whilst we're on the subject of budget airlines, I thought - Hong Kong, £200, oasis airlines, booked on the 1st May - great!
Not great.
They went into liquidation on Wednesday 9 April - good job I heard about it then! And this morning they've sent me this:
As you may have heard of our recent situation, it is with much regret that we have applied to the Hong Kong Court to appoint a provisional liquidator on 9 April 2008. The Court has appointed Edward Middleton and Patrick Cowley of KPMG as the provisional liquidators.
Our flight operations have been cancelled until further notice. We would like to take this opportunity to offer you our immediate and sincere apology for the disruption caused by the sudden flight cancellations. We are doing what we can to help customers make alternate travel arrangements as quickly as possible. However, owing to our current situation, you will need to meet the cost of these alternate flight arrangements yourselves. We thank you for your patience and understanding."

Yeah, Whatever, just give me my money back, oh, and thanks for being so prompt about letting me know too.

I've now booked a new flight with Cathay Pacific on the same date, but at £150 more expense... Hopefully this isn't an omen of things to come.

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