Friday, 25 December 2009

Welcome new readers!

So, a quick welcome to new readers. Why are you reading this site? Well, take a quick read of the description in the header at the top of this page - that's how it all started in a nutshell. Now, 18 months after my original trip, I've helped found the Hong Kong Escape Reenactment Organisation (HERO) and we've managed to mobilise 70 descendent families to come out to Hong Kong for Christmas 2009 and then on to China for the first leg of the escape - over mountains, through rivers and visiting the places our forefathers went.

Well folks, it's well underway. After a nightmare at Heathrow T5 which saw us sat on the plane on the tarmac for four hours without food (I watched two entire movies and we hadn't even taken off!) we finally arrived late last Saturday. We've had a great time since landing. I've been busy showing mum and dad many of the sites - the peak, the night markets, accidentally took mum to Wan Chai (the red light district!) and some related historical places too.

Highlights have included an afternoon of talks at a seminary overlooking the channel where the escape all started, the opening of an excellent exhibition piece - escape from hong kong at the museum of coastal defence - and xmas dinner on Jumbo floating restaurant with all the other families. I won a bugatti! Just awesome... Off to china tomorrow, so fingers crossed...

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