Tuesday, 29 December 2009

We've done it!

We're back! We've just spent three nights in China visiting all the sites our forefathers travelled to and have just arrived back in Hong Kong. The days have flown by and I'm feeling a bit spaced to be honest. I'll write about the events seperately, but we've been to Ping Chau - the island on the way to the landing point; nan ao - the chinese holiday town where they all landed; driven through the mountains they walked over; visited walled fortresses and temples where they slept; eaten all kinds of crazy foods; banquets beyond belief; met some old boys who were ex guerillas; visited museums and recreated the famous waichow photo on the exact spot our forefathers took theirs! Just awesome.


Tim and Alison said...

As you say, we did it! Alison and I just back after extended stay in HK, mainly just winding down ... Haven't got the strength to do much in the way of an update for our blog (timalisonontour.blogspot.com) but we do still have links to yours and Emma's and look forward to seeing more pix etc...And well done on the brilliant tour-guiding (not to mention the escorting of your grand-dad's skipper's widow!)
See you soon,

Anonymous said...

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