Thursday, 17 December 2009

It's happening!

Well guys, since my trip which started this blog, we've had a busy (understatement) 18 months to say the least! I'm pleased to announce though that we're about to fly off to Hong Kong to conduct the inaugural escape re-enactment of our forefathers. About 70 of us from all over the globe will be converging on Hong Kong for a departure to China on Boxing Day. Just like grandad, we'll be leaving the island and re-tracing their steps over the following four days. Over mountains, through rivers (and crossing Japanese enemy lines!?) we'll arrive in Huizhou for our own re-enactment photograph. I fully intend to keep this site updated whilst I'm over there again, so watch this space as they say!


robfos said...

Hey Russ,
As part of the re-enactment trip, will you be visiting Aberdeen Channel where the Cornflower Launch was attacked?
I am a relative of Sub Lt JJ Forster (Hong Kong Royal Naval Reserve)who was killed in this attack. If you see this area, I just wanted to ask if you could post some pictures of this. Thanks in advance,
Cheers, Robin Forster

Anonymous said...
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Tim and Alison said...

Message for Robin Forster:

Hi Robin - I'm researching the escape and would really like to know more about your relative, JJ, since we still seem to be sadly ignorant about the two who died. Any chance you could get in touch with me?

All Best, Tim (Luard)

Russ in China said...

Hi Robin

Tried to contact you through my site, but to no avail. Tim is keen to get in touch with you too re some research.

Check out our facebook group as there will probably be some pictures on there or also our HERO website
Facebook -