Monday, 12 May 2008

Back track a bit

So, I've missed out a day in, (and because of) my busy schedule - diary (blog) keeping isn't an easy thing, no wonder there's no entries in grandad's diary during the worst days of the fighting!

Is it wrong that I had a massive Macca's breakfast? Two hash browns, a sausage and egg mc muffin with what can only be described as a disappointing 'shot' of OJ. Exactly the same as back home, except the burger was a bit neater and actually looked like it did in the photograph!

Went to Cathay Pacific and actioned the full refund on the extortionate full fare return ticket that I had to buy to get here... No problems there so that put a smile on my face :)

Then it was over to HK University to meet up with Peter Cunich and Tim Ko. The former is a history professor there who Bruce Macnamara put me in touch with and the latter is a graduate and published author on the subject, writing an excellent book (with a fellow called Jason Wordie) on the battle and war sites of HK island. They did a big survey back in the 70s of all the sites, batteries etc and have loads of great photos in their book 'Ruins of War'.

Peter and Tim were two of the most interested, and interesting people I've spoken to so far. They're massively knowledgable on the subject and were also genuinely interested in what I was doing (that's not to say that all the other people I've met haven't been - they have!) which was nice seeing as I'd only just met them. Tim has since helped me out with some fantastic aerial photographs of areas I'm looking at. A really helpful couple of guys and I look forward to their help in the future.

Went back to Big Johns for dinner (because I felt guilty about breakfast) and then headed down to the promenade to watch the festival of lights. A nightly occurrence bang on 8pm where they blare out cheesey chinese style classical music and all the lights on the skyscrapers across the water light up in patterns in time (very roughly) with the music. It's the same festival I missed that I'd bought my ticket for and it was kinda fun. The energy consumption and light pollution must be atrocious though - I thought London was bad, but this is something else. The best bit was when the double decker ferry that had parked up in the harbour to watch the show had its view obscured by this absolutely enormous, 25 floor ocean cruiser that sailed past just at the crucial moment. It looked so comical and I can imagine the yelling of the people on the boat now, completely unheard of by the captain 23 levels or so above them.

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