Thursday, 1 May 2008

Mayday, Mayday

That's right, it's Mayday over here (same as it is in the rest of the world and unlike the UK, the actual 1st May is the holiday, no matter what day has scuppered me. All the offices/agencies were shut, so, I had no choice but to go shopping...

Firstly though, Nan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope you get to read this sooner rather than later.

Back to the shopping: I haven't broken the bank or overloaded the bags just yet, infact, I was quite reserved, but spent most of the day going from high humidity outdoors, to freezing air conditioned indoors. Not sure I'll ever get used to that feeling of walking out of a store and actually being hotter! I am sweating like the proverbial at the moment as I acclimatise though.
I've also managed to buy a diary (which I thought would be dead easy) but is no mean feat 45% of the way through the year (which is exactly the discount the shop owner eventually gave me!).
I've arranged to meet Tony Banham tomorrow for a quick bite to eat and am really looking forward to it. I'm hoping he'll be able to fill any gaps in my meticulously planned journey!
Apart from that, not a lot else to report really. Had a 'big man's breakfast' in Big John's cafe, which actually wasn't that big, nor was owned by John... Wish I'd gone for the local's egg, ham and noodle soup to be honest. Dinner was at an indian restaurant (where I was the only white face - the rest were brown, not yellow) and had an amazing Mysora Masala Dosa (massive pancake filled with spicy potato) with dipping sauces, a sweet Lassi and a cinnamon like massam tea - yum! I was sat next to an amazingly untalkative Indian chap from Mumbai, who had just come back from Mainland China, protesting about Tibet. The torch is here in HK tomorrow, so I'll go to that and might give the miserable git a shove when it goes past - watch out for him/me on the news! Apres dinner I hit another traditional hot spot, Delaney's Irish bar and had a lovely cold pint of kilkenny whilst watching Chelsea v Liverpool - all good stuff and this time, all amongst ex-pats (excluding the two Fillipino hookers in the corner).
And so to bed. Visa quest starts in earnest tomorrow, so hopefully a more positive update to come!

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