Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Don't want a watch, Don't want a tailors...

They clock you from a hundred yards - you swerve across the pavement
They head on an intercept path - I already know what they want
They're going to try anyway - they're still not going to get a response
The only thing I dont' know is will it be a watch or a suit or both? Oooh, the excitement!

In an stong indian accent "Hello my friend, fake watch, copy watch, you wanna buy a watch?" or "Yes Sir, Custom tailor, tailor suit, custom suit, tailor tailor, custom shirt" - one even tried to enticing me during the olypmic torch fiasco - you've gotta be having a laugh mate!? There was only a space wide enough to fit one person through this gap, I couldn't stop even if I wanted too and you're still trying? - 10 out of 10 for effort though. I doubt we'd even had made it to his shop!

Next time I get asked, I might surprise them (Gary, what make/model is that Breitling watch you're always on about? - can't guarantee it'll still be ticking when I get back though...) and ask for a shiny gold Louis Vitton imitation suit, complete with garish gold shoes, belt and matching man-bag.

Failing that, I'll just find a t-shirt shop and get "Don't wanna watch, Don't wanna tailors" printed in large letters across the front!

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